As your State Representative for the 36th District YOU are who I represent at the state level.  Listening, hearing, acting upon issues which concern them is of the utmost importance to me.  That's not always happening in today's politics.  That's why I plan to give you the confidence to EXPECT MORE.

Integrity & Common Sense

You'll find over the course of time that you'll have confidence in my integrity and common sense.  As a candidate, I will always tell the truth and you will know that this is derived from the sincerity with which I deal with each and every person I encounter and for those I represent.


My background as a Tax Accountant and small business owner gives me a unique perspective to address the serious issues that are facing our community.

Economic Growth

As  we attract new business and/or industry to our state and communities, our job does not end.  With incoming industry there are responsibilities to guide local growth in an efficient manner, yet continue to serve citizens  with the least impact.  This is an area I feel I can contribute to with confidence.

Our aging population & health care

As  the baby-boomer generation ages and health care issues become even more complicated, through the decisions of our Federal  government, States are having to take a greater role in deciding the fate of the electorate.  I share many of the same concerns the average Delawarean have with regard to health care and more importantly health care of those who need it most.  You can count on me being a strong advocate.