Preparation of our Health Care Crisis

I am concerned about the potential loss of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Medicaid. Obamacare (ACA) has helped me personally. I have been supporting my husband’s career for many years but he lost his job a year ago when he could no longer work. We were left without any income and without health insurance.

Seniors and the disabled are increasingly in need of a wide variety of social services. As Baby Boomers age and rates of dementia and other illnesses grow astronomically, we will be facing a major crisis. I believe we should be more proactive in preparing for this.

Local School Taxes Affect Everyone

In the last 11 years my property taxes have been raised by 150%!! They went up $300 this past year alone and friends had even larger increases.

There are four components to school taxes. They are current operating expenses, debt service, match tax (the part the state matches), and tuition. In order to change operating expenses or debt service, a referendum has to be approved by taxpayers.

However, the tuition and match tax portions can be adjusted by the school board without a referendum. The way the School Board went about this increase, without any discussion, left the public feeling they had no voice and that things were being done behind their backs. The public cannot sustain a 150% property tax increase every 10 years.

I recently attended a school board special meeting and with the projected state budget cuts, they want to raise the match tax up to $141 depending on assessed value per year. They want to raise taxes again!  Accountability must occur as these taxes affect all of us.

Changes coming to our communities 

In two years we will have a brand new hospital. We will need new infrastructure to support the new staff and visitors. They will need restaurants to eat in, stores to shop in, houses to live in and places to play. I want to keep their money in our district. I would like to see new stores and restaurants and, maybe, a movie theater. At the same time, we need to promote farmland preservation. I believe there is a way to do both without building more strip malls.

I believe

  • we need new ideas and positive change for the next generation. I feel that I can make a real impact on the issues due to my personal experience in this community. I’ve been here for a long time.
  • in bi-partisanship and transparency. I will be accessible to my constituents by having meetings to find out what is on their minds. I will be available by phone, e-mail and Facebook.
  • democracy should be its strongest at the local level, and I would like to be a part of that process by representing you and the 36th District. I believe I will be an effective voice for you.